Making Your Imagination Possible

AeyeQ has developed a strong foal detection, helping owner, mare and foal.

Customs solutions are available, release your imagination.



AeyeQ Foal Detection

What if you could automatically know when your mare needs to foal? What if you could be warned before the foaling happens? This is all possible with the AeyeQ Foal Detection

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Robovision Networkoptix

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AeyeQ Ultimate

AeyeQ Ultimate EdgeAI is designed to connect up to 4 camera devices, perfect to install in your stables.

  • Power Input

    Powered by 24VDC

  • Power Output

    Output 5vdc, 12vdc and 24vdc for auxiliary systems

  • PoE Devices

    Power up to 4 POE af devices, up to 15W/port

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  • Wireless

    Power your wireless transmission devices to make multiple devices connect to each other

  • Custom Hardware

    Combine any camera with our hardware to create your solution, your imagination is your only limitation.

  • Always on-line

    Connect a mobile 2G/3G/4G or 5G mPCIe modem